Watch The First Trailer For ESPN’s ‘This Was The XFL’ Documentary

Like anyone else who has been a lifelong wrestling fan, I spend a lot of time thinking about the XFL. Possibly more time than I spend thinking about the NFL, whatever that is. Vince McMahon‘s glorious failed experiment is finally getting a long-deserved “30 For 30” documentary that will debut on February 2, as the perfect appetizer for Super Bowl LI, which I believe is the first Super Bowl to be held in Long Island.

Luckily, to tide us over and keep us warm in the cold winter nights until 2017 arrives, ESPN has released the first trailer for that “30 For 30” episode, and fittingly, it’s just as gloriously over-the-top and bombastic as the actual XFL was. I’m almost positive that Vince McMahon would approve. I mean, it’s about him, so of course he approves.

It’s going to be one hell of a throwback to the Attitude Era and the age of excess that fueled Vince’s grand experiment. And the documentary will almost certainly acknowledge the scads of things the NFL gleefully lifted from the XFL once it was defunct, after looking down their noses at the whole affair.

I’m just looking to seeing modern-day Vince look back on the XFL, as well as the possibility that this will lead to a huge influx in “HE HATE ME” replica jerseys spotted in the wild. A boy can dream.