WWE’s Biggest Action Figure Nerd, Zack Ryder, Bought Way Too Much Stuff At San Diego Comic Con

At this point, noted America enthusiast and new Smackdown Live roster member Zack Ryder’s lifetime obsession with action figures has become a running joke among pro wrestlers and fans alike. The guy is downright obsessed with action figures and tales of him raiding the private WWE merch vault are legendary. Heck, WWE.com even once posted a 50-photo gallery of his collection.

Ryder was, of course, in attendance for San Diego Comic Con last weekend — you can be sure he never would have missed it, regardless of where he was booked for WWE events — and WWE uploaded this video of him recapping the bounty of merchandise he picked up while in attendance.

Among the things he bought while there:

– An SDCC exclusive Peter Venkman Ghostbusters figure, covered in sketchy-looking “marshmallow”
– The Leonardo and Donatello figures from the new super-expensive S.H. Figuarts line (which you can see him thoroughly geeking out about here). $63 each!
– The exclusive Shockmaster figure from Mattel
– BOTH box sets for the figures based on TMNT: The Arcade Game
– The Funko Pop Ecto-1 from the new Ghostbusters
– The Disney Haunted Mansion Funko Pop ghosts
– Like a thousand more Funko Pop figures, including Bret Hart and Kevin Owens

So yeah, good thing Ryder is still gainfully employed by WWE, because I sure as hell couldn’t afford an action figure habit like that, and I’m a notorious collector. The only thing in this video that raised my eyebrows (other than him damning the new Ghostbusters with faint praise like three times) was Ryder claiming the old Playmates TMNT line didn’t look like the cartoon. I mean, they didn’t look like the cartoon as much as the Figuarts line, but when I remember the TMNT toys, that is the cartoon to me.

Also, for the record, those Playmates TMNT figures were second only to G.I. Joes in terms of action figures that you could do awesome wrestling matches with. They even came with removable belts!