Jesus Christ, Superstars: Red Right Hand (June 20, 1992)

05.01.19 4 months ago

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Kali Ma Shakti De

Previously on Jesus Christ, Superstars: We watched The Executive Experience get shitted on, cheered our hearts out for “Tantanka,” and were introduced to the Cuban immigrant who believes the streets of America are paved in gold, Razor Ramon.

If you’d like to watch this week’s episode, you can do that here, and you can support the column (so we’re allowed to keep writing it) by reading previous installments on our Jesus Christ, Superstars tag page. If you like these, and our break from the normal Best and Worst format, make sure to share it around so it gets read and drop us a comment below.

Here’s what you missed 27 years ago on WWF Superstars for June 20, 1992.

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