Virgil Is Claiming To Be Xavier Woods’ Father In A Series Of Bizarre Tweets

What in the mother hell is wrong with Virgil? He has a weird thing with Olive Garden and f*ck money. Plus, he seems to think he was the third missing member of the NWO. He could be the most elaborate troller of all-time, or a guy who lost too much oxygen from taking all those Million Dollar Dreams while jobbing out to DiBiase through the early ’90s. So, him congratulating Xavier Woods for winning the tag titles at SummerSlam seemed like a pretty innocuous way to spend 140 characters.

But Woods’ response sent things into a tailspin.

I could absolutely see Virgil saying something like that to Woods and totally meaning it. Woods bowed out after his response, but Virgil is still kicking.

This man is absolutely insane. If that isn’t enough to prove it, here’s his appearance on The Corner podcast where he sounds like he really needs some assistance in life. I have zero clue what is going on.