Yoshihiro Takayama, Storied Japanese Wrestler And Part Of The Craziest MMA Fight Ever, Is Paralyzed After A Freak Injury

08.06.17 7 months ago 4 Comments

After a botched sunset flip led to a freak injury three months ago, legendary Japanese wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama is stable, able to speak, but tragically paralyzed from the neck down, Dave Meltzer reports. According to various updates over the last few months, Takayama was hospitalized after the injury, but only now has been declared officially paralyzed with no movement. It’s a terrible tragedy that ends one of the greatest careers in Japanese wrestling history.

Takayama-san is one of the most decorated Japanese wrestlers over the last three decades, winning the Triple Crown, IWGP, and GHC heavyweight championships. His status as a combat sports demigod isn’t just due to his brilliant (and stiff) wrestling career, he was one-half of the craziest brawl in MMA history — his Pride 21 fight against Don Frye.

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