Zack Ryder Is Injured And Will Not Compete In WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble

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04.24.18 3 Comments


We’re only one week removed from WWE’s big two-night Superstar Shake-Up, and already we have our first “whoops, that didn’t quite go how we expected it to.” It’s a real bummer.

One of the moves you may have missed or overlooked from the Raw roster acquisitions was that Zack Ryder moved from Smackdown to Raw. Bonus points for you if you remembered which roster Ryder was on BEFORE the Shake-Up. But both Ryder and WWE were hoping this could be the start of a new chapter for the man, who has been signed to WWE for over 10 years now.

Just look no further than the most recent Ryder-themed WWE YouTube video, which was uploaded a week ago and is titled “Zack Ryder is ready for new opportunities on Raw.”

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