NWA Powerrr’s Zicky Dice Has A Band, And They Just Got A Record Deal

Move over, Chris Jericho: There’s a new pro wrestler/rock band frontman in town, and his name is “Outlandish” Zicky Dice.

Zicky Dice (real name Nick Zoppo) is currently appearing on the YouTube series NWA Powerrr, where he is in the midst of competing in the NWA World Television Championship tournament. But he also moonlights as the singer for California rock band Heart To Heart, which just signed a record deal with independent label InVogue Records. The label will release Heart To Heart’s new EP, Heartbreaker, on February 14. You can check out the music video for lead single “Insufferable” below.

Zicky Dice started his pro wrestling career in 2015, training with Seth Rollins for nearly four years. In addition to his current stint on NWA Powerrr, he has also worked for Blackcraft, DREAMWAVE and other independent promotions. Check out his recent NWA Powerrr match, a triple threat against CW Anderson and Sal Rinauro:

Zicky Dice isn’t the first pro wrestler to also double as a rock band frontman with Heart To Heart. Obviously we all know about Fozzy, Chris Jericho’s rock band that’s been active for a whopping two decades. NXT UK competitor Mark Andrews also plays bass and sings for the pop-punk band Junior, and WWE’s Jeff Hardy continues to make music under the PeroxWhy?Gen moniker. We might never get an AEW/NXT/NWA/WWE crossover PPV, but maybe, just maybe, some enterprising concert promoter out there can unite all of these bands under one roof for the next best thing.