While you were out…

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09.07.10 2 Comments

Though the number of comments in this week’s “Mad Men” review might suggest otherwise, I know a lot of you were far away from your computers over the holiday weekend, so I wanted to offer a quick rundown of posts you might have missed while you were barbecuing, at the beach or whatever it is you might be up to on a long weekend. Starting from Friday (since I know lots of people try to extend the weekend from three days to four): 

A list of fall premiere dates for notable new and returning shows.

An in-depth interview with “Community” creator Dan Harmon about the show’s evolution over season one.

My review of the latest (and strongest yet) “Rubicon.” 

My review of the brilliant Jon Hamm/Elisabeth Moss duet on “Mad Men.”

My review of “Sons of Anarchy” season three.

My review of the final episode of “Firefly.”

That is all. Resume partying. (Or, rather, resume party recuperation.) 

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