Did Dan Orlovsky Fart On Monday Night Football?

Something very strange is happening in the world of NFL broadcasting this week. Prior to the start of this Sunday’s slate of games, someone on the set of Fox NFL Sunday appeared to cut a fart while Jimmy Johnson was talking about something. We do not know who let one rip, but the smart money appears to be on Terry Bradshaw, who acted rather odd in the middle of a segment.

This happened again on Monday night prior to the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans, although this one seems a little more cut and dry (not the fart, that sounded, well, not gonna keep going down this road). Here is ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky cutting himself off to sneeze and then, it appears, break some wind.

This very obviously sounds like Orlovsky farting on Monday Night Football, but truth be told, we can’t tell for sure. That appeared to change in the early hours of Tuesday morning, when Orlovsky appeared to blame blue cheese for making him gassy — blue cheese, of course, is the best white sauce you can put on buffalo wings.

But wait, there is a twist in the story. Former Packers and Lions offensive lineman TJ Lang tweeted about the incident and praised Orlovsky for keeping his cool, at which point Orlovsky said that he was simply joking around about whether or not he farted.

Could this be a “he who denied it supplied it” situation? Time will tell.