‘Euphoria’ Style Watch: Last Night’s Best Outfits And Where To Find Them

Welcome to the final edition of Euphoria Style Watch, your one-stop shop for the best outfits from Sunday night’s episode and where to find them. It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to this season-long series, if you’ve been with us from the beginning, we’ll see you in three years (we’re assuming) when the new season of Euphoria finally airs.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye but, whew — what a hell of an episode.

After a season that has at times felt disorganized and aimless, last night’s season finale saw the show finally stick the landing, and although season two leaves us with some lingering questions (are Cassie and Maddy cool? Why did we need to see Kat break up with Ethan? Is season 3 going to be a Nate Jacobs redemption arc? Is Laurie still after Rue? WHAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF ELLIOT!? Okay… so it left us with a lot of lingering questions) at least we got some closure between Rue and Jules and more importantly, Rue and Lexi.

Unfortunately, because last night’s episode was essentially a continuation of the previous week’s episode, we didn’t get a whole lot of new outfits. But we can’t let the Euphoria Style Watch go out with a whimper, what would Lexi say? So in addition to talking about this week’s best fits, we’re also going to be rounding up some of the season’s best fits from our style MVPs Fez and Maddy.

Let’s dive in!

Faye — Nike Uptempo’s And Anime Baby Tees

Euphoria Style Watch

Against all odds (she injected heroin between her legs while calling Rue a junky when we first met her) Faye really stole our hearts this season, and given the events of last night’s episode, we imagine she’s going to play a significant part in season three.

If you’re all about internet-y e-girl style, Faye checks all the boxes and last night in addition to rocking a hand-dyed graphic baby tee by Unif Clothing, she wore probably the best sneakers in the whole series’ run, the Nike Air More Uptempo ’96 Ray Guns.

Fez may be Euphoria’s streetwear king, but Faye is the Queen of Kicks.

Find Faye’s Nike Air More Uptempos at aftermarket sites like StockX, find the anime baby tee at Unif Clothing.

Kat — Vivienne Westwood Portrait Corset

Euphoria Style Watch

Kat was hardly a presence this season, and what we did get of her, kind of made us dislike her a little bit. Here is to hoping season three brings her back in full force, if only because she’s consistently one of the show’s most fashionable characters. Case in point this portrait adorned boned corset by Vivienne Westwood. The corset top is made of viscose and features an all-over flame print with earthy ash tones.

Find the Vivienne Westwood Portrait Corset at aftermarket sites like Poshmark.

Jules — GogoGraham

Euphoria Style Watch

If you were eyeing Jules theater fit and wondering where it came from, you’re not alone, and according to Instagram fan account @hunterschaverscloset, the design comes courtesy of Brooklyn artist GoGo Graham. Your chance of getting Jules’ actual outfit is slim, it seems like the fashion out of Gogo Graham is made out of recycled materials, but if you’re a fan of the aesthetic, the brand’s other offerings will get you there.

Follow Gogo Graham here and shop some fashion at Gogo Graham’s Depop.

Cassie — Danielle Guizio Knit Top and Skirt

Euphoria Style Watch

This wasn’t Cassie’s season, but you can’t deny, Sydney Sweeney’s performance as the internally tortured Cassie was the show’s best, and that’s no easy feat when you have Zendaya right there. Last night was a continuation of last week’s outfit, but if you missed it, she wore a full baby blue and lime trimmed outfit by Danielle Guizio.

Pick up the Knit Dual-Color top and skirt at Guizio.

Fez — Long-Sleeves, Lots of Long Sleeves

Euphoria Style Watch

Last night’s finale could have focused exclusively on Fez’s storyline, and we’d still be as invested in a season three as we currently are. In fact, figuring out what is going to happen with Fez is about 75% of the reason why we’re even interested in a season three! That’s probably because without Fez — and Maddy of course — this shopping series wouldn’t exist. So even though he rocked the same boring suit he wore last episode, we can’t close the door on this season without shouting out this man’s stunning shirt game.

Throughout season two Fez wore mostly Polo Ralph Lauren rugby fits and the occasional Palace cable knit, all of which are readily available online. RIP to Supreme, which got no Fezco love this year.

Shop Ralph Lauren rugby shirts here, and the Palace cable knit here.

Maddy — Her Whole Wardrobe Was On Point All Season Long

Style WatCH

We already covered Maddy’s fit last week, a ribbed bodysuit by Jacquemus, and that’s sold out in every color and variation, sadly. But we couldn’t leave this series without shouting out some of Maddy’s other outfits this season. If you’re ever in need of outfit inspiration for any occasion, look to Maddy.

Need something casual but still fashionable? Grab True Religion low rise jeans and a Dion Lee Crochet top like Maddy in episode six.

Looking for something edgier? Try this Isa Boulder Scan Crochet Top from episode five. Need a party fit? Try the Devon Slip Dress by Marc Jacobs (also from episode five, Maddy doesn’t fuck around). And of course, who could forget the swimsuits? Maddy wore three different swim fits throughout the season despite the first episode taking place on New Year’s Eve. You know… winter. Point being, her style game is strong.