‘Euphoria’ Style Watch: The Best Outfits From Season 2 Episode 6 And Where To Find Them

Welcome to Euphoria Style Watch, your weekly (ahem) roundup of all the best outfits from Sunday night’s episode and where to buy them for yourself. You might have noticed we didn’t drop a list last week and if you caught episode five, “Stand Still Like The Hummingbird” you know why. To summarize, the entire episode followed Rue parkouring around the fictional town she calls home, evading her family, drug dealers, the cops, and ultimately, herself, and that made for a real lack of fashion.

Unless you want to count Rue’s black Chuck Taylors. Which are fly.

But we’re happy to be back, and while this episode, “A Thousand Little Trees Of Blood,” (shout out to whoever is naming these things!) wasn’t nearly as lighthearted or fashionable as this season’s first half, things are starting to get back to “normal” and the fashion is almost back at full force. I’m sure by next week when we all get to see Lexi’s hilarious-looking play, we’ll have more style picks than we know what to do with!

For now, here were last night’s best outfits.

Rue — Mosquitohead Malcolm X T-Shirt

Euphoria Style Watch

Rue spent all of last week running around in a basic hoodie and the first few minutes of last night’s episode writhing in drug-withdrawal-induced pain, so we were happy to see her back to flexing her vintage fits. Last night it was an oversized graphic t-shirt of Malcolm X by the now-defunct Mosquitohead.

As with all of Rue’s vintage fits, this one is a bit hard to find but a few are floating around on aftermarket sites like Grailed, GOAT, and eBay. Mosquitohead also has some other dope Malcolm X graphic t-shirts that rival Rue’s fit, so don’t get hung up on Rue’s when there are plenty of other options out there.

Fez — Polo Ralph Lauren

Euphoria Style Watch

We already covered this shirt in a past article but Fez wore it again and it’s easy to see why. It’s dope. The rugby-style shirt is not part of Ralph Lauren’s current season, but it’s routinely available on aftermarket sites and is particularly active right now, thanks to what I’m sure the aftermarket fashion industry is calling the ‘Euphoria bump.’

Pick up the shirt on eBay.

Kat — O-Mighty One Love Long Dress

Euphoria Style Watch

I think I speak for everyone when I say that this season of Euphoria hasn’t had enough Kat. But then more Kat is what we got last night and after that bullshit in the diner… do we want more Kat? From a fashion standpoint, definitely, give us more Kat, but honestly, if the show was just Lexi and Fez for 50 minutes watching Stand By Me, we’d like it more.

Anyway, the glam-punk streetwear fashion brand O-mighty supplied Kat’s semi-sheer long dress during last night’s episode. The dress runs in a size small to large size-run, pick it up here.

Maddy — True Religion Low Rise Jeans/ Falize Rome Denim Bikini Top

Euphoria Style Watch

Oh Maddy Perez, without you this article series would cease to be. If you’ve been wondering if low-rise jeans are really “in” again or it’s just something you keep hearing about, the answer is “yes.” They’re back, and Maddy, who was rocking a pair of vintage low rise True Religions proves it. Completing Maddy’s outfit was a crochet crop by Dion Lee. We’re not sure what the implication of the camera in the clock is just yet, but it’s one of this season’s bigger mysteries and I’m sure how it all ties in will be fascinating, or fascinatingly stupid.

And because this is Euphoria, we also saw Maddy wearing yet another bikini (she’s four for six, so far), this time a denim top by Falize Rome, and that wasn’t even all of her outfits. This girl is a walking closet.

Shop low rise new stock True Religions here, and search the vintage stuff here. Find the bikini top here and the crochet top here.

Nate — Nike Blazers

Euphoria Style Watch

Okay, this one is a bit of a joke post. Nate is not cool. He doesn’t look cool, he doesn’t dress cool. The coolest thing Nate has ever done was get beat up in the season premiere. So we’re not big Nate fans, he is an actual psychopath, the only person in Euphoria less likable than Nate is his dad (his mom, pretty close second). So it surprises us, just as much as it probably surprises you to see Nate in our Euphoria style roundup, but the dude is the only one repping sneakerheads in the whole show, Ash Tray aside.

Nate wore Nike Blazers last night and Nike Blazers are dope. Doesn’t make Nate cool, but he’s not powerful enough to make the sneakers lame. We can’t tell if they’re low or high top blazers, but we’re going to give Nate the benefit of the doubt and assume he has taste, in which case it’s probably the vintage Mid ’77 design with a teal swoosh.

Shop Nike Blazers here.