The Date For Amazon’s Prime Day 2018 Has Reportedly Leaked

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If you were looking to plan for Amazon’s next Prime Day in July, a mistake by the UK site may have leaked the dates. According to TechRadar, a banner image published by Amazon UK has the fourth annual Prime Day opening up on Monday July 16th around mid-day (noon on the TechRadar image) and running through the end of July 17th.

We’ve covered the benefits and silliness of Prime Day in the past, running down how people were reacting to Amazon’s personal Black Friday in the middle of the summer and some of the weird items getting spotlight during the event. It might not be the main reason to have a Prime account with Amazon, but it is one of those benefits that pop up that are meant to make you feel special. And sometimes it actually works, if the deal is just right.

If you need help preparing yourself to take advantage of this year’s event, dont miss our rundown of the Five Golden Rules of Prime Day — Somehow, “don’t talk about Prime Day” isn’t on the list. There are also several apps you can download to make your Prime Day go smooth — including the Amazon app itself which is highly superior to surfing the Amazon site on your mobile device.

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