Watch As This Flamethrower Drone Roasts An Entire Turkey

Remember Austin Haughwout, that Connecticut teenager who attached a handgun to his drone? He’s back, and this time he’s not only got a sponsor, he’s upped his game. Now his drones come with flamethrowers.

This method of cooking a turkey manages to somehow top fry it in the driveway in the noise and danger department; within seconds, this drone has managed to hose a rock wall behind its target with whatever fuel this thing is loaded with. Said fuel is burning merrily away, because nothing says safety like spraying fire everywhere in the middle of a New England forest. Not to mention the fact that the turkey is less being “cooked” and more being “lit on fire and charring to a crisp.” All while this drone sounds like an angry swarm of fire-breathing wasps!

If you’re wondering who’d sponsor a flying bad idea like this, the answer is an online drone hobbyist shop, which provided the parts while Haughwout did the necessary custom engineering. In other words, he told somebody he wanted to build a flying flamethrower and they replied, “Cool! Here are some parts!” When the Terminators send in their Firedrones to roast us, you’re really going to regret this, guys.

(Via PopSci)