Brian Cox Gave A Very Logan Roy-Esque Answer To How His Memoir Is Different From Jeremy Strong’s ‘New Yorker’ Profile

In a new interview to promote his just-released memoir, Putting the Rabbit in the Hat, Brian Cox once again weighed in on the heavily scrutinized New Yorker profile of his Succession co-star Jeremy Strong. While Cox has mostly stuck to concerns about Strong’s method acting affecting his mental health, this time around, the veteran actor voiced his opinion that the profile was not the best idea.

“In a sense, he got hoisted by it, and I think it was unfortunate,” Cox told Deadline. “I think he should never had gone down that road because playing Kendall has put him in a very vulnerable position.”

After expanding on his love for Strong and his respect for him as an actor, Cox reiterated that the New Yorker profile placed him in a “vulnerable position.” However, when asked how his own memoir won’t do the same to Cox, he fired back with a response that was pure Logan Roy:

DEADLINE: Do you worry that you’ve done that to yourself to some degree with the book?

COX: What?

DEADLINE: Put yourself in a vulnerable position?

COX: No, no. Listen, I’m too old, too tired and too talented for any of that sh*t.

We’re going to take his word for it because, so far, Cox has fired off his blunt opinion of Johnny Depp, Quentin Tarantino, and the paltry pay he was offered for Game of Thrones without hesitating. The veteran actor has seen it all at this point, and if he wants to write a memoir about it, we don’t think anyone could stop him if they tried.

(Via Deadline)