Hugh Grant Would Very Much Like You To Know That He Will Not Be The Next Doctor Who, Thank You

Hugh Grant is swatting down a report that he will replace Jodie Whitaker as the titular Time Lord on Doctor Who. The rumor first started in the UK’s Daily Mirror, which claimed that Grant would give the famed sci-fi series a “fresh feel” as it went through a “Marvel-style makeover.” That report was then picked up by The Guardian, who was quick to note that it was only speculation and probably had about as much credibility as the recent rumor that David Tennant was returning as a new iteration of The Doctor when Whittaker leaves.

However, The Guardian‘s report caught Grant’s attention, and he wants everyone to know that is the first he’s hearing about any of this. “Nothing against Dr W but I’m not,” Grant tweeted in response to the headline saying he’s “in talks” to replace Whittaker. “No idea where the story came from.”

Thanks to Whittaker announcing last summer that she’d be exiting the series after being the first woman Doctor in the show’s history, rumors of her replacement are almost certainly going start running wild as she nears the end of her run later this year. Showrunner Chris Chibnall is also leaving the show after working with Whittaker for her three seasons as The Doctor and being the driving force behind her casting.

“I can’t imagine working with a more inspiring Doctor – so I’m not going to!” Chibnall wrote in his farewell statement. However, the pair have two specials left to go before their departure. “Legends of the Sea Devils” is set to arrive around Easter 2022, and a final untitled special will air later in the year, which will presumably pave the way for Whittaker’s replacement.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)