Please Enjoy Keanu Reeves Calling Himself ‘The Puppy King’ While Covered In Adorable Dogs

All hail Keanu Reeves, the leader of the puppies who rules over his kingdom with a fuzzy paw. On Thursday, the actor dropped by The Tonight Show to discuss John Wick: Chapter 4 and sing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, but we’ll get to that. First, if you watch the video above, you’ll be treated to Reeves being covered in adorable dogs during a game of Pup Quiz. “I am the puppy king,” he says at one point. Hopefully no one told the puppies about… y’know.

Earlier in the episode, Fallon and Reeves discussed a recent encounter they had. They were dining at the same restaurant in Los Angeles when Reeves “had the whole restaurant come over and sing me happy birthday,” the Tonight Show host said. “And it was not my birthday. It was not my birthday at all.” That wasn’t Fallon’s favorite part of the evening, though.

“Here’s the best move. You were leaving. There was a great guy who plays music, guitar at the restaurant. And so he starts singing ‘Hey Jude,’ and so I jumped up to sing with him. I thought you were gone,” Fallon told Reeves, who described his performance as “you just kept going.”

You can watch that video below.