Lea Michele Once Let Jonathan Groff Look At Her Vagina For Educational Purposes

In what is surprisingly not a Glee plot point, Lea Michele has revealed that she and co-star Jonathan Goff were very close when they played opposite each other in the broadway musical Spring Awakening.

Michele and Goff are both featured in the new HBO doc, Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known, where they go in-depth on the history of the show and its legacy. Of course, the weirdest tidbit of information wasn’t about the show, but about the fact that Michele admitted she had once shown Groff her vagina and used a desk lamp to explain her anatomy. Though it might sound weird to fans, Michelle insisted that that’s just showbiz, baby! Allegedly Groff, a gay man, wanted to learn more about the mysterious body part.

Michele told EW, “Honestly, the great thing about this documentary is it’s a wonderful microscope into who we are as individuals, and not just who people think we might be. Radical Media and the incredible production team behind this documentary, we felt so safe and comfortable with them.”

She added that the two have only grown closer with her co-star. “It was so wonderful to talk about this material as an adult and get asked real serious questions. Not like, ‘What’s it like to have sex with Jonathan Groff every night?’ So I just felt really comfortable with them. With that level of comfortability came a story of just what goes on behind closed doors between me and Jonathan Groff. That’s only one of them. There’s a lot of other things,” Michele added, to which Groff laughed.

Groff and Michele have been friends for years, the duo even released a Christmas duet (cute!) and of course, starred on Glee together. Does Groff think she’s not a nightmare to work with?

Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known will premiere on HBO on May 3rd.