A Reporter Realized At Pretty Much The Worst Time That Her Shirt Was On Inside Out

The internet was a better place when it was 80 percent cat videos and local news bloopers. If you want to go back there — to when things were simpler and Mr. Beast meant Hank McCoy, not “the Kidz Bop version of Jigsaw” — you can, at least for one clip.

Earlier this week, Shelby Cassesse, a sports reporter for WPXI in Pittsburgh, shared footage of when she realized that her shirt was on inside out. “Nothing knocks you down a peg like realizing your shirt has been inside out the entire day. This was after an interview, a breaking news live shot and a full day of OTAs coverage. Great!” she wrote, along with the thumbs up emoji.

The exchange — which thankfully wasn’t a live shot — went like this:

Cassesse: “I have this shirt on inside out. All day.”
Cameraperson: “You have time if you want to go…”
Cassesse: I mean, you can’t really tell…”

Here’s the clip:

In the replies, someone wrote, “Laughing at our minor mistakes is good for us and everyone else! Your credibility keeps growing!” to which Cassesse responded, “Nothing to do but laugh!” It’s a good mindset to have. Cassesse, who was reporting on the Pittsburgh Steelers OTAs at the time, must have laughed a lot covering the team’s quarterbacks last season.

(Via Awful Announcing)