Nicole Beharie Will Play A Millennial News Anchor On ‘The Morning Show’

According to Deadline, Miss Juneteenth star Nicole Beharie is set to join the cast of The Morning Show as a lead for its third season. She’ll star alongside Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, providing a Millennial-aged foil to the two Gen Xers at the news desk. Apple TV+ describes her character, Christina Hunter, as a “grounded, competitive and charismatic millennial” who “works hard, plays hard, and navigates the Teacup with good-humored irreverence.” For a show that’s all about public persona as a currency of power, they’ve set up a beautiful clash between the generations, vying for different kinds of eyeballs.

Beharie will also be seen in the upcoming John Boyega drama Breaking, as well as the Sundance favorite Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Jon Hamm is also joining the Morning Show team as “corporate titan” Paul Marks. In other words, he’ll be a string-puller who tosses monkey wrenches into the works in order to get his whimsical way. Hard to beat Hamm in a role like that.

This is a solid pair of actors providing fresh blood for a series that already has an absurd amount of talent on screen and behind the camera. The third season is currently filming.

(via Deadline)