If You Think You Can Guess What Happened In The Nutty ‘Riverdale’ Season Finale, Guess Again

I bailed on The CW’s Riverdale after season two, which is just when the show got good. And by “good,” I mean, it turned into a time-jumping show where high school football fields are literal war zones, Archie and Betty have superpowers, and in Sunday’s season six finale, Cheryl does… whatever is happening here.

Honestly? Good for her.

Here’s how the TVLine recap for “Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen: Night of the Comet” begins: “A comet sent by Percival is headed straight for Riverdale, and he also added a force field that prevents anyone from leaving town… Archie is determined to dig a tunnel around the force field, and Cheryl thinks she knows someone who can undo Percival’s spells… They turn to Cheryl’s ancestor Abigail Blossom, who explains that Cheryl can just use her fiery phoenix powers to melt the comet, since it’s made of ice.”

That ol’ trope. I think the same thing happened on Young Sheldon. Here’s more:

Veronica calls everyone together to share her idea: Since her power allows her to absorb other people’s energy, she thinks she can absorb everyone’s superpowers and pass them on to Cheryl to fortify her for the big comet showdown, and then maybe the resurrected people won’t die again! Sure, why not? They all slice their palms with Percival’s magic dagger and hold hands, passing their powers to Veronica, who passes them to Cheryl with a kiss. Suddenly, Cheryl can see auras, shrug off bullets and read minds.

Cheryl saves Riverdale (she essentially tells the comet to stay outta Riverdale), but everyone gets set back in time to 1955. “So we thought: What if we go back to high school, but instead of high school in the present, we make it high school in the 1950s, which is how a lot of people think of the Archie characters,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Weekly about the decision to turn back the clock heading into the final season. Most importantly, Jughead has his crown hat again.

I don’t know what Riverdale is doing, but I am absolutely here for it.

(Via TVLine)