HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Is Still As Violently Delightful (And Confusing) As Ever In A Season 4 Teaser Trailer

Westworld hasn’t confused fans (through a live broadcast, anyway) in slightly over two years, but if you were missing that uniquely perplexed feeling, here’s some great news: the show shall return on June 26 to shake up your memories anew. And boy, there’s a lotta cobwebs to knock loose in these violent delights.

Here’s one mere example of this: a death obviously isn’t a death when it comes to this show, as we’ve seen over and over again with these hosts. Yet back when Season 3 ended, Variety spoke with co-creator Jonathan Nolan who seemingly non-clarified, “Let me clarify. Dolores is gone.” There seemed to be some finality in his declaration, even as he expressed hope that Evan Rachel Wood would not be departing the show. And in the above trailer, yup, there’s Evan Rachel Wood.

What this all means is anyone’s guess, although it’s worth noting that Dolores went all Joker in the last season finale, and this teaser arrives with the following tagline: “It doesn’t look like anything to me.” Perhaps it’s best, as always, not to think too hard because the show will shakeup any preconceived assumptions upon re-arrival.

According to HBO, the season’s landing as “a dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on earth.” Clearly, Evan Rachel Wood has returned, as has Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, and Aaron Paul.

Westworld returns on June 26.