Adam Driver Had No Patience For A ‘Rude’ Question About The ‘Cheesy’ Crash Scenes In Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’

Michael Mann is planning to bring Heat 2 to heist-loving audiences, but this holiday season, his Enzo Ferrari biopic, Ferrari, will land in theaters. The film stars Adam Driver’s Italian accent alongside Penélope Cruz and newly mintedPEOPLE‘s Sexiest Man Alive” Patrick Dempsey. As for Driver’s appeal, he remains the apple of John Oliver’s eye, but no such (dubious) niceties surfaced during a recent Q&A session at Poland’s Camerimage Film Festival.

The film’s leading man was previously moved to tears by a 6-minute standing ovation in Venice following the Ferrari world premiere. Yet there will always be detractors, and an audience member used his time (as seen below) at the mic to criticize the film’s “cheesy” crash scenes while asking Driver for his opinion. Yes, really: “They looked pretty harsh, drastic and, I must say, cheesy for me. What do you think?”

Driver, who is not only the star but also an executive producer of Ferrari, didn’t even want to dive in there. In the below clip, he answered, “F*ck you, I don’t know. Next question.” The answer was greeted with laughter from the audience in attendance. As well, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson gave a virtual thumbs up: “My man.”

As The Independent noted, director Phil Hawkins (who has made feature films but also helmed the Star Wars: Origins fan film) called the question “rude” and offered a “Fair play, Kylo.”

Driver was also thrilled to talk to Variety about the substance of the film, including the “terrifying” experience of rolling around in the vintage sports car that didn’t have seatbelts:

“It teleports you back to the time and you realize if you turn left or right the wrong way, then you’re dead … you can really feel how dangerous they are obviously, versus a contemporary Ferrari. The goal was to get thrown from the car because that was considered more safe than to be locked in this moving coffin.”

Yikes. Ferrari arrives in theaters on December 23.

(Via Deadline, The Independent & Variety)