Alex Jones Had A Screaming Tantrum Because InfoWars Viewers Aren’t Buying Enough Of His ‘Amazing’ Snake-Oil Products

Alex Jones has never been described as “mild-mannered,” but he’s really gone off on a bender lately. In the face of impending bankruptcy (since he lost lawsuits for trash-talking all of those Sandy Hook parents) and finding himself potentially on the hook over helping stir up the January 6 insurrection, the InfoWars frontman is truly beyond behaving in a rational way. He’s turned on QAnon and taken to running around shirtless for no reason.

Yet there’s one thing that Alex Jones knows for sure, which is that Roger Stone is a “gladiator” and deserves legal fund donations. He says as much in the above video (via Raw Story). Stone, too, is looking shady for his Jan. 6 doings, and both of them are in a lot of hot water. Case in point: Jones is freaking out again about money, and now, he’s outright demanding that people buy his InfoWars testosterone or something. Things to make one virile. And manly. What?

“This is life and death!” Jones raged. “So go to and get amazing products. If you don’t support us, you’re helping the enemy!” He added, “When you keep us in the fight, you keep yourself in the fight!”

Well, you gotta admire his energy and wonder where he’s sourcing that stuff. It can’t possibly be from that “big bowl of chili” that he consumed before his child-custody trial years ago. Watching him fly off the handle never ceases to be entertaining, but apparently, it’s ceasing for Alex Jones to be profitable.