AOC Calls For The Takedown Of Ticketmaster Due To The Raging Demand For Taylor Swift Tickets

There is a common misconception that every Taylor Swift fan is a teenage girl because she was a teenage girl when she became a global sensation, and people seem to get hung up on that. The reality is that Swift has been doing this for over a decade, which means all of her teenage fans have grown up into millennials who have too many credit cards that they are not afraid to use on over-priced tickets. They can’t buy a house anyway, so why even save money?

But that ticket-buying process quickly became a chaotic mess of thousands (millions? billions?) of fans waiting in the Ticketmaster queue for upwards of three hours, bringing the site crumbling down in shambles. To make matters worse, Resident Millenial Defender and US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to remind swifties and the world that maybe Ticketmaster should not exist at all.

Ticketmaster merged with Livenation in 2010, which caused a ripple effect throughout the music industry, with one of the consequences being an upcharge in service fees and charges. Things have only gotten worse over the years as artists begin touring again after COVID-related delays, which is why more artists have been openly critical of the company’s current model. Now, buying tickets has become so financially and emotionally draining, government officials had to step in!

Obviously, many agreed with AOC’s comments, as both artists and officials broke down just how cruel the service can be towards fans who are just trying to see their favorite artists.

Cortez has voiced support for Swift in the past, most recently when she went head-to-head with Scooter Braun over control of her masters. Yes! It’s funny that Taylor Swift fans are going after a giant company but it’s also true! Ticketmaster is known for surging their prices for high-traffic events, and Swifties are inherently high-traffic people. Maybe this will actually spark change …or Taylor will just invite AOC personally to her concert. Who knows?! Either way, if you’re in line for Taylor Swift tickets, STAY IN LINE!