Even Netflix Acknowledges Just How Painful It Is To Buy Taylor Swift Tickets

Perhaps you have been lucky enough in your lifetime to never have to fight for Taylor Swift tickets. In the past, maybe you’ve been invited by a generous friend or your parents bought your tickets for your 16th birthday. Maybe your sister’s friend’s boyfriend’s cousin couldn’t make it so gave you their tickets, or you just logged on to Ticketmaster an hour before and bought some nosebleed tickets for $30. The point is, buying tickets should not be hard! But it is.

Imagine a world, if you will, where you want to purchase tickets to a global popstar’s tour but you simply cannot. This is the reality for most if not all of the world’s population, which just so happens to be 8 billion, as of today. But nobody is celebrating! Because it seems like the entire world is currently trying to get tickets to The Eras Tour. It is not going well, and this is clearly the most important news of the day.

Netflix, which is no stranger to large pulling in large audiences, tweeted in support (or mockery) of the thousands (millions?) of Swift fans trying to get tickets to The Eras Tour, which will make over 50 stops around the country and become her largest tour yet. Can Netflix send some IT help over to Ticketmaster? They seem to be struggling a lot over there.

Maybe Netflix will strike up a deal with Swift to air her concert on the streamer for the millions of fans who will still be waiting in the Ticketmaster queue for the next 6 months. They’ve done it before, they can do it again!