Ticketmaster Issued A Statement About The Bonkers Taylor Swift Ticketing Queue And The Word ‘Sorry’ Wasn’t In There

Presale tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour went on-sale today via *gasp* Ticketmaster and getting through the ticketing queue has been a Herculean task. Ticketmaster’s servers were in no shape or form ready for the barrage (“millions”) of Swifties and ticket bots that desperately lined up in a virtual queue for a chance to see Taylor Swift perform live or to price gouge someone else on the re-sale market who wasn’t as fortunate. And people spared no emotions in expressing how frustrated they were.

“I just hope Taylor knows we aren’t mad at her, we’re mad at Ticketmaster,” read one user’s tweet. Accurately summing up how artists are often left to shoulder the blame for Ticketmaster’s lagging tech, or unpredictable pricing structures (just ask Bruce Springsteen).

You’d think that by now, Ticketmaster would have the capacity to handle any level of interest in ticketing demand? But no, the world’s foremost ticketing monopoly continues to be a frustrating mess time and time again. With that, Ticketmaster issues a statement via their Ticketmaster Fan Support Twitter account (thoughts and prayers with whoever runs that feed) and the word “sorry” was nowhere to be found. Instead, it reads like one big run around way of saying “calm down everyone… please calm down.”

It begins with the admission, “There has been historically unprecedented demand with million showing up to buy tickets for the Taylor Swift Presale.” It then devolves into a laundry list of the best corporate speak possible, including the new that the West Coast pre-sale will be delayed by five hours from 10 a.m. PT to 3 p.m. PT, and the Capital One on sale getting re-scheduled for Wednesday instead. Read their statement below.