Aubrey Plaza Had Fun Bugging Her ‘Megalopolis’ Co-Star Adam Driver While Dressed As Her Marvel Character

It’s not uncommon for actors to film two things at once, just like how Anya Taylor-Joy found the time to pop over to the Dune: Part Two set while filming Furiosa, but Aubrey Plaza likes to push the envelope a bit.

Plaza has two big projects on the horizon: one being Marvel’s ever-changing Agatha alongside Kathryn Hahn and the other being Francis Ford Coppola’s ambitious passion project, Megalopolis.

In the epic, she plays a journalist named Wow Platinum (even though it sounds like a new credit card startup brand). Plaza revealed to Deadline that she had to pull double duty in order to keep to her strict shooting schedule, though she had some fun with it.

“I would literally go from one to the other and would put my Wow wig on and my Wow costume on. And then the next day, I would go to the Agatha set and I’d be dressed as a warrior witch with a dagger and stuff,” Plaza told Deadline.

Plaza added that she would even bug her co-stars Adam Driver and Giancarlo Esposito, who are famously two nice guys that don’t deserve it. “At one point, when I was dressed in the Marvel character, I snuck onto the Megalopolis set and I started harassing Giancarlo Esposito and Adam and everyone. It was absolutely insane behavior.” Just imagine if Driver had pulled up to the set of Marriage Story while dressed Kylo Ren? That would be inexcusable behavior.

The only thing more wild than that is seeing Plaza without her signature dark hair. For the film, she had to go bleach blonde, “Which is very funny because I’m a dark brown-haired girl,” Plaza added. “But yes, I bleached my hair blonde for Francis and Milena. For anybody else, never again. But for them, I did it.” And yet, if John Waters asked her to dye her hair, she probably would.

(Via Deadline)