Aubrey Plaza Said She ‘Psychologically Tortured’ Her ‘White Lotus’ Co-Star Because… Well, Because She Is Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza is known for her punchy sarcasm and witty one-liners, all sprinkled with a little bit of charm and a lot of creepiness, almost like a real-life Wednesday Addams or a Chucky doll with a better fashion sense. Even though she insists she’s not like that in real life, her co-stars seem to disagree.

For example, while filming The White Lotus, the cast and crew were often spending long hours in their hotel rooms and unsurprisingly became a little bored. Sure, some of them were totally fine spending the time doing vocal warmups, but not everyone was calm and collected.

“I was a suspicious character for these Italians,” Plaza said of the hotel staff. “They thought I was sketchy. Which I am.” Plaza seemed to lean into her natural gift of weirdness by pranking her co-star Adam DiMarco. The actress decided to arrange reed diffusers in a “large Blair Witch-style symbol” in DiMarco’s dressing room, as well as her own in order to feign suspicion. Or maybe she just wanted to conjure some spirits, who’s to really say?

Then, as the power slowly went to her head, Plaza started slipping notes that said “here lies…” under people’s doors, effectively creeping everyone out and wondering why they decided to be in this television show in the first place. When confronted, Plaza would basically gaslight DiMarco “over bottles of red wine” and pretend she had no idea what was going on. “Adam was so innocent, like a baby bird,” Plaza said. “It was really sick, what I was doing to him. I got him to the brink of a psychological break.”

Plaza’s stunt was foiled by the hotel’s staff, who showed him footage of Plaza and her pranks. DiMarco said that he was “definitely questioning my reality for a while there,” before Plaza’s plan was revealed. Just wait until we find out the kind of pranks she will be pulling on the set of Agatha: Coven Of Choas! Hopefully, Kathryn Hahn was warned.

(Via AV Club and GQ)