Bill Barr Agrees That Rudy Giuliani’s Four Seasons Landscaping Press Conference Was ‘A Grotesque Embarrassment’

For many Americans, November 7, 2020, will forever live as a day of infamy. For it was on that day that Rudy Giuliani—the once-beloved mayor of New York City and one-time TIME Person of the Year, then acting in his capacity as personal attorney to President Donald Trump—took to the podium in the parking lot of a landscaping business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and attempted to be taken seriously as he prattled on about missing ballots and stolen elections. While a slack-jawed group of onlookers didn’t know whether to look at Rudy, the nearby crematorium, or the dildo store he had set up shop next to.

It’s hard to forget the images of that day, as a sweaty, ranting Rudy unsuccessfully tried to maintain a sense of decorum while it was obvious to anyone watching that what we were seeing in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping was the incompetence of the Trump Administration on full display. It’s a moment in time that then-attorney general Bill Barr will never forget.

As Insider reports, Barr talks about Trump’s unwillingness to accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election, the lengths to which he went in order to challenge the election results, and the all-around cringiness of that summer day in a landscaper’s parking lot his new book, the appropriately titled One Damn Thing After Another.

“[Trump’s] legal team had a difficult case to make, and they made it as badly and unprofessionally as I could have imagined,” according to Barr, who Insider notes specifically cited Rudy’s “bizarre” parking lot press conference, as well as the notorious presser that occurred just a couple weeks later, on November 19, “in which mascara appeared to drip from” from Rudy’s head.

“It was all a grotesque embarrassment,” Barr writes—a sentence that is definitely in contention for Understatement of the Century.

One Damn Thing After Another is available now.

(Via Insider)