Not An ‘A**hole’: Bill Hader Has Been Outed By A ‘Barry’ Crew Member For Being A Straight-Up Benevolent King

Tom Hanks recently owned up to being an occasional menace on movie sets, so a spot has opened up next to Keanu Reeves’ place as an all-around awesome dude to everyone that he encounters, on set and off. And since Bill Hader probably wouldn’t mind adding something positive to his off-camera reputation other than what his ex, Rachel Bilson, said about his “big” dong, this is as good a reason as any to lighten the load on Ali Wong’s perplexed shoulders by diverting with a Barry crew member’s take on Hader.

Sometimes, it’s also simply nice to hear some nice things. More often than not, members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees don’t have too many positive run-ins to report on the various IA Stories social media accounts, but The Verge reporter Amrita Khalid singled out this summation of Hader’s conduct as Barry director.

Spoiler alert: he rules.

The Verge reporter Amrita Khalid amplified this anonymous story while tweeting, “Add Bill Hader to the list of Hollywood directors who treat their crew like humans and aren’t a**holes.” Here’s a mere chunk of the raving:

“The series finale of Barry is now wrapped, and I’d like to share some thoughts on my experience working with Bill Hader and his team. All of the actors have spoken about what a great director he is, but he’s also great from a crew standpoint, and it makes me believe that people like him who worked as a PA will end up making the best directors.

“He knows firsthand how much of a beating the crew can take when a director comes in ill-prepared. Bill worked extensively in prep and always came to set knowing exactly what he wanted.

“As a result, we worked the shortest hours I’ve ever worked in my whole career,

“Also, he knows who everyone is on the crew and what their job is, who to talk to for what he needed….

“When you for for someone like that, it makes you want to do your best work.

Watch out, Keanu. You can read the rest of the (extensive) Hader praise below.