Candace Owens Was Appalled At The Cutting Rejection That She Received From Celebrated Designer David Netto

It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether Candace Owens genuinely believes the outrageous perspectives that she’s often seen and heard wielding for right-wing outlets. This includes her meltdown over Minnie Mouse’s pantsuit or her accusations that Bill Gates engineered the baby-formula shortage. She also threw a fit over a SKIMS campaign featuring models with disabilities, and Christina Applegate challenged her to “get educated” to no followup. Owens doesn’t waver in her incredibly blunt, far-right views, though, so one must assume that she’s serious.

And now, Owens is appalled at the blunt response that she and her husband received after an inquiry to decorate her home.

As Owens told Vanity Fair, simply because she is highly partisan doesn’t meant that she doesn’t get along with liberals. She cited a nice airport conversation with Kamala Harris, but an attempt to pair with an acclaimed designer didn’t go the same way. David Netto, whose design wizardry and writing appears in Architectural Digest and Elle Decor (and that’s only a sampling), pushed back hard upon “the most polite email” inquiry form Candace’s husband. The rejection couldn’t have been more apparent: “Dear George, thank you for your inquiry. I’d rather get beat in the ass with a wooden plank than ever go near either of you. Kind regards, David.”

Owens, of course, was shocked. She attempted to make the rejection into a matter of race while suggesting that she was being rejected for being a Black conservative. “If a white conservative male had written that email to an outspoken Black liberal … They would’ve said it was like Jim Crow,” she insisted. However, Netto stood firm when reached by Vanity Fair. “It’s not a race thing, it’s a terrorism/amorality thing,” he explained.

Netto wasn’t even close to being done. “After January 6, the joke’s over,” he detailed while explaining why he didn’t want to be associated with the far-right. “People like this should expect to be recognized as complicit with something very dangerous — and I don’t mean Kanye — and expect to be told off in polite society.”

(Via Vanity Fair)