Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, And Adam Sandler Revealed The Best Career Advice That They Ever Received

This year’s Golden Globes turned out to be a genuinely enjoyable production. We received a plentiful amount of Jennifer Coolidge. Jerrod Carmichael told some savage jokes that hit well. And the world has remembered the charming nature of Colin Ferrell. Yes, he was also recognized for his performance in Banshees Of Inisheren, but he endeared everyone and also delivered an update on an ailing former co-star.

In that light, one of this week’s Hollywood Reporter roundtables is worth revisiting, and it’s also got some lovely words from both Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler, both of whom were not at the ceremony (and Fraser had a very good reason). While speaking with Hollywood Reporter, here’s what they each said about their favorite career advice that they ever received:

FARRELL Before I did my first American film, Pierce Brosnan got me in a bear hug, picked me up and said, “Keep being bold.” I don’t know that he knew that I was bold, but it was a lovely thing to hear.

SANDLER A lot of the guys I’ve worked with over the years, older actors and actresses, like to say before we move on from a setup, “Let’s go one more and see what happens. We’re here, it’s set up, let’s go one more.” Sometimes you land on something you weren’t expecting.

FRASER Ian McKellen [Fraser’s co-star in Gods and Monsters] said, “Approach each role as if it’s the first and the last time you will act,” and that’s stayed with me.

Even though I am mildly disappointed that the best advice for both Sandler and Fraser didn’t come from each other while working on Airheads, this will do. I think I most enjoy the advice that Sandler received, but Farrell is (as the kids say) having an (arguably overdue) moment. Let him run with it.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)