Leah Remini Was Here For Jerrod Carmichael’s Savage Swing At Scientology During The Golden Globes: ‘WHERE IS SHELLEY????’

Golden Globes host Jerrod Carmichael did not hold back with well-timed jabs during awards ceremony, and even Ricky Gervais might be somewhere marveling at the greatness. The comedian began with the elephant in the expensively dressed room. He then took on “The Gays” who tried to do Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) dirty on The White Lotus, and although Michelle Yeoh got a nice one in on the (poor) piano player, Jerrod came back from a commercial break with snark for Scientology.

“Backstage, I found these three Golden Globe awards that Tom Cruise returned,” Carmichael offered while fumbling with the statuettes, which may or may not have actually been the awards that Tom did return out of protest against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s various controversies. “I think maybe we take these three things and exchange them for the safe return of Shelly Miscavige.”

Variety tweeted video of this moment. It’s a rather shocking joke for Carmichael to tell, in that room, given that numerous Hollywood players have been part of the Scientology organization, which has been accused of human rights violations over the decades.

Shelly Miscavige happens to be the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, and she hasn’t been seen in public for at least fifteen years. And Leah Remini, former 2nd-generation Scientologist and ongoing critic of Scientology, snapped to attention. People began tweeting at her, and she had an oft-repeated question: “WHERE IS SHELLY????’

Carmichael pointedly deciding not to let Tom off the hook (for his ongoing, couch-jumping endorsement of Scientology) was a bold move. When Top Gun: Maverick co-stars Glen Powell and Jay Ellis appeared onstage to present, man, that must have been really awkward for them — because it was a downright savage joke from Carmichael.