Colin Farrell Revealed That He Has ‘Been In Touch’ With Former Co-Star Jeremy Renner After His Harrowing Accident

Colin Farrell has had a busy week between winning awards and being in the presence of Jennifer Coolidge, but he also took some time to reach out to co-star Jeremy Renner after his serious snow plow injury. The two starred together in the 2003 action movie S.W.A.T alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

Farrell said that he had “been in touch” with Renner after the actor’s accident left him in the ICU. “He’s doing good, I believe,” Farrell told Entertainment Tonight. “All prayers are with him.” Renner has been in good spirits after the accident and even shared some posts from his hospital bed, so things are looking up on that front.

Farrell recently won a Golden Globe for his role in the friendship breakup drama The Banshees of Inisherin where he was injured by a donkey named Jenny. This is quite a different legacy than he was expecting, as Farrell recently admitted that he thought he was never going to make it as an actor after starring in the critically-panned epic Alexander.

“The reviews came out, and I remember someone going, ‘Oh God, it’s not good.’ And my publicist going, ‘It’s really not good.,'” the actor explained in a recent interview. “And then after that, yeah, I did question. I went, ‘I’m just shite at it. I’m a crap actor. I’ve been found out,'” of course, nobody remembers that, so Farrell is still a well-loved actor….by most, but not all, of his co-stars.

(Via People)