Colin Farrell Being A Gentleman And Escorting Jennifer Coolidge Up To The Golden Globes Stage Won Lots Of Hearts

Colin Farrell is doing pretty good for himself these days. He had a great 2022, and not just because of The Banshees of Inisherin. And not just because he got to play the Penguin. And not just because of After Yang and Thirteen Lives. He’s been doing great press in between Hoovering up awards. He added another trophy to the pile at this year’s Golden Globes, where he kicked off his acceptance speech by telling presenter Ana de Armas how great she was in Blonde. Later he was gregarious/chivalrous once more, this time escorting Jennifer Coolidge to the stage to accept her award.

Coolidge won yet again for her turn in The White Lotus, where she twice played Tanya, the wealthy hot mess who keeps trying to salvage bad vacations. She’s already delivered a memorably shambolic speech while presenting earlier in the night, which included her talking about her anxiety about walking out on stage. Maybe Farrell remembered that bit when she won because he pushed someone out of the way to walk her up.

She seemed pretty bowled over, too.

The two chatted on the way up there, though it’s not clear what they said. She seemed to either be annoyed or jokingly annoyed at the end, but since no one could get mad at Colin Farrell, it was probably a bit.

The moment did not go unnoticed on Twitter dot com.

Then there was Farrell being kind to de Armas when winning his own prize.

So it seems like Farrell had a pretty good night on top of all his other good news.