‘Cracker Barrel Has Fallen’: The Far-Right Is In Mourning Over The Southern Chain’s Pride Month Extravaganza

The GOP had a rough day on Thursday. The MAGA puppet master who proudly “lock her up” chants has a fresh criminal indictment on his hands. The Supreme Court upheld the Voting Rights Act while ruling on a case about racial gerrymandering. And uber-televangelist Pat Robertson passed away. This doesn’t even touch the far-right’s perpetual grousing over Pride Month, which has now thrown them a curveball from a down-home restaurant beloved by many who swing by after the Sunday church visit.

Cracker Barrel decided that the right-wing Bud Light and Target boycotts weren’t enough to scare them away — nor were the eatery’s own third-quarter missed earnings — from Pride Month. Not everyone will be surprised by the Old Country Store’s perspective after it previously banned an anti-gay pastor, but the restaurant chain threw down with a series of social media posts that have freaked out the far right. First up, on Instagram, the company wrote, “Our mission of ‘Pleasing People’ means welcoming and caring for ALL people, this month, and every month. Happy Pride!”

On Facebook, a rainbow-painted rocking chair led the way with the chain declaring that they “are excited to celebrate Pride Month with our employees and guests. Everyone is always welcome at our table… Happy Pride!”

That wasn’t all. Over on Twitter, Cracker Barrell responded to a “[q]uite shocked” user with a cheery air: “Thanks for sharing! Our teams take pride in creating a welcoming, safe atmosphere where people can enjoy time with family and friends the moment they walk through our doors.”

This was too much for some. The Texas Family Project, which has raged against “woke teachers exposing children to LGBT ideology,” quickly went into mourning: “We take no pleasure in reporting that @CrackerBarrel has fallen. A once family friendly establishment has caved to the mob.”

The organization swiftly added Cracker Barrel to the same fearsome category where they relegated Drag Shows.

The entirely serious tone of “we take no pleasure in reporting” was similarly too much for people to handle without laughter.

Make no mistake, though, some Cracker Barrel patrons are apparently patrons no more. Their reactions are growing a bit hyperbolic.

June 8 was a day that shall not be forgotten anytime soon.