Don Jr’s Latest Glassy-Eyed, Amped Up Rant Accuses Teachers Of Being In ‘Camouflage’ To ‘Groom These Children’

Donald Trump Jr. is going to bat for Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill that was recently signed into law by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. In predictable fashion, Don Jr. has latched onto the recent, and gross, conservative trend of calling the bill’s detractors “groomers” along with hurling some very QAnon-esque accusations at teachers.

In his latest vertically shot video, Don Jr. accuses teachers of being in “camouflage” so parents can’t tell that they’re “trying to indoctrinate and groom these children.” The former president’s AMPED-up son then urged parents to pull their kids out of public schools.

Via Raw Story:

“I guess, at least they’re easy to pick out and spot for the most part. But you never know, some may go under camouflage not have blue, green, purple hair. But this stuff is insane,” he argued. “At least you can find them and see for yourself, but we need to do whatever we can to give parents the ability to pull their kids away from this nonsense.”

“Just my opinion, right? I’ll probably get canceled for it,” he said.

Ever since The Walt Disney Company came out in opposition of the bill after it was signed into law, Republicans have been lashing out at the media company, which is one if not the largest employer in the state of Florida. In retaliation for Disney’s opposition, state GOP members have been looking into repealing a decades-old statute, which could curtail Disney’s ability to invest in its theme parks. However, doing so could have severe economic impact on the state, so it will be interesting to see just how committed Republicans are to that plan or if they’ll content themselves with making unhinged videos demonizing teachers.

(Via Raw Story)