Don Jr. Made His Post-Hacking Return To Twitter With The Most Obvious Joke Imaginable

Unlike his father, Donald Trump Jr. still loves Twitter. He spends much of his day posting and reposting even though most of his rants, some of which have happened to include him looking worse for wear and extremely hyperactive, appear elsewhere. He also recently, however, was not happy to discover that he was the presidential son who was “trending” on the day of Hunter Biden’s indictment on federal gun charges. Still, he has continued using the platform, at least until a hacker took over earlier this week.

The person or persons in question proceeded to faux-announce that Trump Sr. had passed away and that Jr. would be taking his place for a 2024 presidential run. They then made some profane and unsavory remarks that do not need to be repeated again and are now removed, and it took a few days for Don Jr. to make his return to the platform. Before that happened, Eric Trump had some fun with his brother’s “password,” and he wasn’t alone.

Don Jr. had days to think about his comeback tweet. And yet he returned with a crack about his nemesis’ laptop: “I’M BACK… Hunter Biden must have hacked my account!!!”

Like much of the far-right, Don Jr. is obsessed with Hunter Biden, who the eldest boy has called, “[T]he most famous crackhead in America.” Still, this swing at Hunter was the most obvious joke that anyone could have expected from him. So much so that “please give him back your account” did pop up in the resulting conversation.

In the spirit of the right’s tendency to dream up conspiracies ever, a theory also popped up in conversation.

Don’t call it a comeback?