Don Jr. Was Teary-Eyed And Twitchy As Hell In A Media Appearance To Discuss His Dad’s Indictments, And (Naturally) People Have Thoughts

Ex-President Donald Trump’s newest criminal indictment (and we do now live in a world where there’s more than one) has not left the GOP in a graceful state. Rep. Lauren Boebert promptly lashed out, Sen. Lindsey Graham got snippy, and over at Fox News, Brian Kilmeade’s spirit deflated on live TV.

How are the Trump kids doing following news of the Mar-a-Lago bathroom photos? Ivanka has essentially been a vapor trail and has said nothing about her father, several days after the indictment of 37 charges landed. Don Jr., on the other hand, is all too happy to talk. Well, sort-of talk and kind-of listen.

Don Jr. made another one of his bizarre appearances, which in the past has resulted in amped-up Fox News rants and slurry missives that have left people wondering if he needs an intervention. This is not to mention his glassy-eyed, “Motel 6” rant, which really made people wonder how he’s feeling behind the scenes. And now, the eldest boy appeared on his Rumble Triggered program to discuss his dad’s latest legal mess.

In this first clip, posted to the MAGA Inc Room PAC’s Twitter account, Don Jr. looks simply shifty while listening to attorney Kash Patel attempt to discredit Special Counsel Jack Smith due to prior alleged actions by his deputy, Karen Gilbert. Consider this clip to be an appetizer.

The full video appeared on Rumble, and attorney/podcaster Ron Filipkowski posted a zoomed-in snippet, in which Don Jr. seems to be having more a more intense moment. His watery eyes dart around everywhere while he can’t seem to sit still, and he does rub his nose.

Months after The Daily Show spoofed Don Jr. in a certain way, the intervention jokes (which started years ago) simply will not quit.