Trump Claims That ‘Everything I Said Was Right’ In A Delusional New Interview Where He’s Frequently Wrong

Donald Trump is “so great looking,” raves Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a “true Stable Genius,” according to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the owner of a “gorgeous chest,” reports Donald Trump.

If the former-president ever writes a sequel to The Art of the Deal, it could be called The Art of the Boast. For his latest instance of self-aggrandizement, Trump claimed (not for the first time) that “nobody has done more for Christianity, nobody has done more for religion of all types than me.” This came during an interview with CBN “News,” where he also declared, “Everything I said was right.” Modest as always.

“I’m not just talking about energy or on the border. I’m talking about religion. I said these people are against evangelicals. I said they’re against Israel. I said they’re against organized religion, frankly. They’re against all of the things that you and I, and most of your viewers, stand for. And when I said that during debates and elsewhere, people sort of weren’t sure. I turned out to be right. And I’ve had many people say, as good as I think we were, they said, you were the best at it. You were the best, and they want me back.”

Many people are saying this… but no one is Truth Social-ing it.

Anyway, you could replace “religion” in the earlier quote with literally any other word, and still imagine Trump saying it. “Nobody has done more for Home Alone sequels of all types than me.” “Nobody has done more for Coke products of all types than me.” “Nobody has done more for clogged toilets of all types than me.” It’s a fun game. Try it.