Trump Has Raised An Appalling Amount Of Money Off His Supporters Since Saying He’ll Get Indicted

Trump is probably genuinely worried about finding out what it’s like to be indicted. But as they say, every crisis is an opportunity. (A crisitunity, as Homer Simpson would say.) And so it’s no surprise that after he claimed that this Tuesday would be the day justice would come knocking — it wasn’t, by the way — his supporters would do what they often do: willingly line his pockets. Now we know how much, and the sum is predictably staggering.

As per Mediaite, the Trump campaign bragged to Fox News, the network that has come to his defense after ditching him for Ron DeSantis, that they’d raised a titanic $1.5 million since Saturday, when Trump first expressed alarm. Is it right for a self-professed rich guy to crow about taking cash from fans who might need it for other matters? Probably not. Will they mind? Ditto.

Of course, as we all know Trump wasn’t indicted on Tuesday. The following day he wasn’t either. That hasn’t stopped him from fantasizing about a perp walk that probably won’t happen. After all, authorities surely know that the big guy would use pictures of that even to fundraise and make the party of law and order even more skeptical of enforcement and the justice system. That said, the fact that he hasn’t been publicly paraded about by police hasn’t stopped people from using genuinely dangerous AI technology to make scarily realistic fake images of same.

(Via Mediaite)