Sad! Trump Is Getting Absolutely Clobbered By Ron DeSantis In Florida Presidential Polls

Boy, does that Donald J. Trump really want to become president again. And for a good reason: Without the legal protection that comes with having the most powerful gig on Earth, he sure is vulnerable to a whole mess of legal and financial doozies. Alas, while he’s itching to start his 2024 campaign ASAP, he might have one opponent that could give him what-fer: Ron DeSantis. And at least in Florida, over which DeSantis lords, the odds don’t appear to be in Trump’s favor.

As per Mediaite, a presidential preference poll conducted in the Sunshine State found DeSantis not only beating Trump but absolutely, indubitably clobbering him. In the aggregate poll, the governor is leading him by double digits: 61% to Trump’s 39%. It is, as Florida-based pollster service Victory Insights notes, the widest margin over the former president in any 2024-based poll.

DeSantis is also well ahead of Trump in the favorability metrics, including popularity, likability, enthusiasm, and strong Supporters. Enthusiasm is of particulary interest, as DeSantis is at 93% and Trump down there at a respectable but not great 72%.

Oddly, there is one poll where Trump comes out on top. When asked who’s done a “better job” in their major gig, Trump is actually 51% over DeSantis’ 4 Popularity, Likability, Enthusiasm, Strong Supporters 49%.

It gets worse: It appears there have been multiple focus groups where absolutely no one wanted the guy who’s alleged to have attacked a Secret Service agent who wouldn’t let him overturn democracy.

Then again, careful what you wish for! Trump may be a well-known nightmare, but so is DeSantis, a guy who bullies kids who’s responsible for legislation widely seen as homophobic and transphobic. And who is better at keeping their cool and getting what they want? It’s not the guy beefing with a guy who also embarrassed himself on SNL.

(Via Mediaite)