George Santos Has Yet Another New Campaign Treasurer — Who May Or May Not Exist

Everything about George Santos’ road to the House of Representatives has been, for lack of a better term, a hot mess. Even if you put aside the foundation of lies on which he built his congressional candidacy — from his history as a pet rescuer to the death of his mother on 9/11 — the Republican congressman from New York has been plagued with questions related to his campaign’s finances.

At this very moment, Raw Story reports that the Federal Election Commission is awaiting a response to a letter they sent Santos regarding the legality of at least one contribution to his campaign. And if the FEC hopes that Santos’ campaign treasurer can help sort out the details, they might be waiting a while. Because, as CNN reports, some people are now questioning whether Andrew Olson — the person officially listed as Santos’ treasurer — even really exists.

Just last week, Santos filed paperwork naming Olson, who is said to be based in Elmhurst, New York, as his new campaign treasurer. The appointment came just days after the FEC warned Santos that he could not legally raise funds — or spend ‘em — without an official campaign treasurer. But something here doesn’t seem to be passing the sniff test with the Nassau County Republican Party, which oversees Santos’ district.

When asked about Olson’s appointment, spokesman Mike Deery told CNN: “Do not know him. Have not heard of him.” Joseph Cairo, the county’s GOP chair, echoed that lack of familiarity by telling CNN that he “is not acquainted” with Olson.

While Santos finally admitted to being a “terrible liar” to Piers Morgan of all people, and has sort of implied that he’s vowing to do better, it’s hard to wash the stink of that many bold lies off. And the fact that this Olson fellow and Santos’ official campaign quarters are registered at an address that just happens to be the same mixed use apartment/commercial building where Santos’ sister used to live seems… odd.

According to CNN, “election officials in New York say no one with that name [Andrew Olson] is registered as treasurer of any political committee in the state.”

If this sounds a little like déjà vu, it might be because just about one month prior to all these campaign shenanigans, Santos announced that he had hired well-known campaign treasurer Thomas Datwyler to work with him… except that Datwyler had never agreed to work with Santos, and was confused as to how his signature might have appeared on any paperwork stating otherwise.

(Via CNN)