Leaked Audio Revealed George Santos Admitting That He ‘Lied To Everyone’ While He Bizarrely Gushed About A Text From Don Lemon

Welcome to yet another bizarre moment involving George Santos. The controversial congressman has been under intense scrutiny for an ever-increasing list of alleged lies, which he reportedly admitted while being secretly recorded by a staffer. The conversation was caught on tape by Derek Myers during a meeting where Santos explained he would not be offering Myers a permanent position.

According to the audio, Santos expressed concerned over Myers because of his recent work as a journalist. Apparently, this raised some flags for the congressman who seemed very aware of his precarious position in the House because of his numerous lies, which he did not deny. Via Talking Points Memo:

“I’ve made bad judgment calls, and I’m reaping the consequences of those bad judgment calls,” Santos said.

“I’ve obviously f*cked up and lied to him, like I lied to everyone else,” Santos later added, apparently referring to [Charley] Lovett, the chief of staff. “And he still forgave me and gave me a second shot, unlike some other people.”

Santos reportedly told Myers, “It’s bad enough that I have to answer for myself these days, I don’t want to have to answer, prospectively, for you.”

The irony of those words were not lost on Myers. “I’m thinking to myself, I’m a threat and concern to this institution — George Santos, you’re George Santos!” Myers told TPM.

On top of admitting that he lied to everyone, Santos reportedly stopped the conversation to gush about getting a text from CNN’s Don Lemon, and he encouraged Myers to stop going to Colombia for “diluted Botox.” Santos also admitted to buying his ties from thift stores for $2 and even offered one to Myers. So, you know, just another weirdo day for George Santos, who still continues to serve as a United States congressman.

(Via Talking Points Memo)