Geraldo Rivera Thinks Biden Should Pardon Trump But With One Significant Stipulation

Last year, Geraldo Rivera had what many believed was a dumb idea: He said President Joe Biden should pardon former president Donald Trump. He compared it to Gerald Ford pardoning Richard Nixon, which Rivera said he did “for the good of the nation.” But people weren’t having it and told him where to go. Now, some six months or so later, he’s pitching the idea again, this time with a major amendment.

“Biden pardoning Trump-the way Ford pardoned Nixon- IS a good idea. This clemency to include inciting the violence of January 6th, the Mar-a-Lago documents case & any other federal allegation,” Rivera tweeted. He then added a twist: “Clemency would require a pledge by Trump that he will no longer seek the presidency.”

Rivera first hatched the idea in November. A lot has happened to Trump since then. Last month he became the first U.S. president to be indicted on criminal charges. Earlier this month he was found guilty of defamation and sexual misconduct. Those are just the beginning of a chain of events that could see him thrown in the slammer (while still running for president, of course).

But let’s entertain Rivera’s amended pardoning idea. What if Biden made Trump’s problems disappear in exchange for not having to run against him in 2024? Of course, Trump is not exactly one to stick by the rules. Besides, there’s a chance he may flame out all on his own. Or not! Perhaps Rivera has a good idea after all.

(Via Mediaite)