The Absurd Gwyneth Paltrow Trial Is Being Overrun By… Poorly Drawn Stick Figures?

Just when you thought the Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial couldn’t get more absurd than the phrase “Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial,” here comes the stick figures.

A day after Paltrow’s legal team shared a hilariously crude CGI reconstruction of the Oscar-winning actress and retired optometrist Terry Sanderson colliding, an expert showed off his drawing skills to confirm that her version of the event is “consistent” with the laws of physics.

In an attempt to explain complicated physics, Dr Scher drew stick figures to show how Mr Sanderson and Paltrow would have been travelling that day and where their centres of gravity would have been. He concluded that Paltrow’s version of events is “consistent with the laws of physics” while Mr Sanderson and friend and fellow skier Craig Ramone’s version does not make sense.

He’s a regular Janey Briggs, that Dr. Scher.

This is somehow more confusing than actual physics. But what else would you expect from this trial? There’s been “goofy AF” opening statements, cozy serial killer cosplay, and questions about Taylor Swift. Later today, Paltrow’s kids, Apple and Moses, are expected to testify, so that should be very normal for everyone involved. Especially this upside down blob person. Or is it a bunny?

(Via the Telegraph)