Please Enjoy Herschel Walker Spewing Gibberish About Border Walls, The Wall Around His House, His Dog, And Other Things

If Herschel Walker’s brain-breaking dialogue about werewolves and vampires (both of which he clearly believes are real, by the way) had you convinced the former football player might have delivered the most nonsensical political speech of the 2022 “erection” season — if not the history of the world — hold on to your get-well cards, people. Because the senatorial hopeful just gifted us with another inane word salad.

On Tuesday, PatriotTakes posted a video of a hyped-up Walker either advocating for a border wall, explaining why walls don’t work, or offering up his dog — who may or may not be a good boy — as border security while relaying a story about someone asking him about border security. Yes, it’s all as muddled and confusing as that sentence makes it sound.

Clear your head, pop a Xanax, and listen for yourself below.

Of course, it didn’t take long for others to wonder what in the f**k Walker was talking about (and for at least one person to pay tribute to Walker with a poem):

Speaking of Herschel Walker and dogs, never forget that he lied when he said his opponent was lying about having a dog. Raphael Warnock does, in fact, have a dog.