Ivanka Trump Is Reportedly In Talks To ‘Voluntarily’ Squeal To The Jan. 6 Committee About Her Dad’s Actions

Donald Trump has done all he can to impede the House Select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. He’s tried to block hundreds of documents. He’s instructed his cronies to ignore subpoenas (at their peril). He’s bad-mouthed them with non-clever name-calling. And yet tons of employees have cooperated with them, sometimes willingly. Not long after his sometime lawyer Rudy Giuliani entered talks to speak with them, the committee is reportedly on the verge of another key get: His oldest daughter.

As first reported by The New York Times, Ivanka Trump is in talks to “voluntarily” sit down for an interview with the committee. The news was confirmed by two sources and by her spokesperson. Currently the discussions are being dubbed “preliminary,” but the committee reportedly reached out to her in January, asking for her voluntary presence. Should it work out, Ivanka can provide key details about what was happening in the White House during the riot that ended in five deaths and dozens of injured Capitol police officers.

It’s long been discussed which of the former president’s children he would willingly throw under the bus should he face jail time. Conversely, it’s also been debated which of his kids would turn on him to save their own hide. Ivanka chatting with the Jan. 6 committee may not go that extreme, but since her father left office, she has been sucked into his legal whirlpool, facing all manner of trouble. Besides, unlike her older brother, she’s not prone to late-night slurry video rants.

(Via NYT)