Jimmy Kimmel Knows Exactly Which Kid Trump Will Sell Out First While Under Oath (Hint: It’s Not Ivanka)

On Thursday, a New York judge ruled that former-president Donald Trump and two of his kids, rant-prone Donald Jr. and photo op-genius Ivanka, must answer questions under oath about the Trump Organization’s allegedly shady business practices. “In his ruling, state Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron gave the green light for the three to be deposed within the next three weeks,” NBC News reports. “He also ordered the former president to turn over documents and information that had been subpoenaed within two weeks and portrayed the Trumps’ claims of being selectively targeted as overblown.”

Jimmy Kimmel has a good idea of what will happen when Trump is under oath. “I bet Trump gets five seconds into that deposition before he shouts, ‘It was Eric!’” he joked during Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “The judge says the Trumps have 21 days to comply. Right now they’re looking for a Bible tiny enough for him to put his hand on to swear him in.”

Kimmel couldn’t resist taking another shot at Eric. “Eric Trump was not deposed for this round of questioning, and maybe it’s for the best, because no judge or even lawyer should be subjected to this.” Cue a supercut of Eric looking real sweaty on Fox News.

You can watch Kimmel’s monologue above.