Jason Momoa’s ‘Fast And Furious’ Villain Is Like No Role He’s Played Before, Including That ‘Big Pile Of Sh*t’ Conan Movie

It’s fair to say that Jason Momoa hit a few stumbling blocks early on in his career. There was that Baywatch: Hawaii stint and his iconic yet limiting Khal Drogo role in Game of Thrones. Momoa found it hard to find subsequent work due to him perhaps being too convincing as a Dothraki chieftain, and even when he found success, casting directors still wanted him to be the muscle bound guy who wore fur coats like a champ. It’s no wonder that, these days, he’s still somewhat typecast even through enormous success. And he’s so weary of always playing the tough guy that Momoa admits his Fast X role feels like a godsend.

No, he’s not shaking off the tough guy reputation by calling out “f*cker” Michael Bay for making him cry (twice) during Ambulance. Rather, the Aquadude sat down with British GQ to discuss his neverending quest rid the oceans of plastic. This turned into a wide-ranging interview, in which Momoa says that his Vin Diesel-adjacent role means a lot to him because his villain isn’t obsessed with looking masculine:

In the tenth Fast and Furious film, Momoa plays a villain whose toenails are painted purple and pink, with a lavender car to match, and who enjoys laughing maniacally as he blows up co-star Ludacris’s car. “I’m a peacock at the highest level and I’m having the time of my life,” he grins.

Momoa previously opened up about how much he loves the color pink and doesn’t care what people think. He digs those pink scrunchies, and who can blame him? They’re kind to the hair. Also, now we know that that the lavender car in a recent Vin Instagram video belongs to Momoa’s villain, and Momoa was having a grand time “trying to do the new Whitesnake video” for Vin’s followers. Let’s relive this again.

Surely, this will finally take the Conan the Barbarian taste out of Momoa’s mouth, too:

“I’ve been a part of a lot of things that really sucked, and movies where it’s out of your hands… Conan [the Barbarian] was one of them. It’s one of the best experiences I had and it [was] taken over and turned into a big pile of sh*t.”

All water under the Hawaiian bridge! Fast X stars most of Hollywood, including Charlize Theron, Brie Larson in addition to the usual gang. Expect the Momoa car to zoom into theaters on May 19, 2023.

(Via British GQ)